Reverse Osmosis Filter and Carbon Filter

Get purified water directly from your faucet with products from Choice Water Conditioning, LLC. Based in Pflugerville, Texas, we provide money-saving reverse osmosis filter and carbon filter systems.

Whole House Carbon Filter and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Sometimes removing the hard water simply isn’t enough to get your water to its highest standards. We provide options for whole house filtration and purified drinking water.

Whole House Carbon Filtration

Ever notice how the water in the area tends to taste a little less than pleasant? That’s because the city adds chlorine to your water to make sure it kills bacteria before you drink the water. Unfortunately, the chlorine remains in the water after this process. Our Whole House Carbon filtration system is an entire tank dedicated to removing chlorine, polishing up the taste, and removing the chlorine odor at every source of water in your home. The water travels through a 3-foot carbon tank, maximizing contact time and filtration. On top of that, we install the carbon tank so the water is filtered before it enters the softener. We do this to protect the life of the resin bed in the softener, as chlorine will damage the resin. With this system in place, you no longer need to replace carbon filters on your refrigerator, nor will you need to continue buying those expensive bottled waters.

Reverse Osmosis System

Our Reverse Osmosis system is one of the most advanced and thorough systems on the market today. Utilizing a three-stage filter, this system removes virtually all particulates, leaving you with highly filtered, very pure water that is excellent for drinking, coffee makers, aquariums and food preparation. The purchase of a Reverse Osmosis system through Choice Water Conditioning includes a three-stage filter system, a holding tank, and an attractive faucet at the sink.