★★★★★ | 2/24/2014

I had my water softener go out on me, so I called Choice Water to come take a look as it was purchased through them by the original owner. Greg came out right on time (I mean how often does this happen!) to take a look.

When he got there, everything seemed to check out. We did a manual regeneration of the tank and changed out the carbon tank. Since there was nothing going on with my system, he didn’t even charge me the $100 service call fee! The total ended up being less than originally quoted, and Greg was in and out within less than 30 minutes. I fully recommend Choice Water for new water softener systems AND for service calls!

- Sarah N.
Round Rock, TX

★★★★★ | 1/13/2017

Bought our original water softener (Puritan) from Choice back in 2002. It finally stopped working last year. Called up Choice over the holidays, and they sent a tech out within a day or so. He replaced the resin, and the worn out parts, and now we have soft soft water again! Would highly recommend their products and services.

John P.
Georgetown, TX

★★★★★ | 8/21/2015

I have used this good ol' boy team for a few years now with several clients (I'm a contractor). Every time they never cease to amaze me by finding the little itty bitty problem that is making the water softener system not work correctly. Each fix is usually very reasonable in price and they always show you what is going on. I consider them honest without fluff.

Tracy H.
Georgetown, TX